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There are many ways you can help your community with Inner West Neighbour Aid.


Inner West Neighbour Aid is always recruiting new volunteers. We offer a range of different projects to help out with and flexible working arrangements. Our volunteers are our most important asset and we endeavour to make your volunteering experience as rewarding as we can.


Donating to Inner West Neighbour Aid allows us to deliver a wider range of services to more people. Donations do not necessarily have to be cash though, you can help IWNA by donating your skills, venue or venue hire, goods or services.


Sponsoring a project ensures the sustainability of that service in the community. It also means you can have input into delivery methods and receive regular feedback about the programme successes and challenges.


Inner West Neighbour Aid is a membership based organisation. Members get regular updates on IWNA and all its services as well as a voice within the community and a chance to contribute meaningfully to our community.

Membership fees are $15 per year. These fees are invested back into our services and clients, through our client Christmas parties, seniors week activities, newsletters, vehicles and more.

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