We connect with like-minded people and organisations keen to give back to the community. Contact us to make a difference.


Cash donations, donations of goods and services and donations of venues all make an extraordinary difference to Inner West Neighbour Aid’s capacity to serve the community. You can donate as an individual or organisation. All donations of cash or goods in kind over $2 are tax deductible.

Corporate Sponsors

Funding from corporate sponsors is integral to Inner West Neighbour Aid’s freedom to develop projects and ensure unmet needs can be satisfied.


Inner West Neighbour Aid works in conjunction with a number of other organisations in our local community. Our partners share our values and mission and help us to deliver outstanding services to the community.


Inner West Neighbour Aid is a membership based organisation. Members get regular updates on IWNA and all its services as well as a voice within the community and a chance to contribute meaningfully to our community.

Membership fees are $10 per year. These fees are invested back into our services and clients, through our client Christmas parties, seniors week activities, newsletters, vehicles and more.


One of the most significant ways that you can show your support and passion for our community is to leave a bequest to IWNA. A bequest is a gift left to Inner West Neighbour Aid in an individual’s will.

Bequests provide an important opportunity to extend your support to your community beyond your lifetime. If you would like to leave a gift in your will, please call our office on 02 9799 5099.

With your generous support, you can help us to make our vision a reality.


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