Client Services

Neighbour Aid’s primary purpose is to support our community to live independently for longer. We achieve this by providing both practical and social support to residents of the Inner West of Sydney. The common principles to all of our projects are to:

  • deliver appropriate and effective services to eligible clients
  • ensure access to services for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • recruit, train and support volunteers in best practice and service delivery
  • encourage the participation of volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds, regardless of disability, English language skills, religion, gender, age or sexual preference
  • network with other Inner West agencies to collectively improve the level of service provision for the target group within the area
  • network with other Neighbour Aid and social support services to collectively address the needs of those who are socially isolated
  • create and maintain up-to-date information and referral services for the use of clients, volunteers and other service providers

Eligibility Criteria

The resources of Neighbour Aid are not always sufficient to meet the needs of everyone who requests assistance. In order to ensure that those who are most in need of our services are receiving them the following criteria are used to assess the clients:

  • live alone, or with a carer who is also a frail older person or person with a disability
  • is a carer, currently cohabiting with a frail older person or person with a disability
  • has limited or no social contacts
  • is socially or geographically isolated
  • is financially disadvantaged
  • is at risk or premature institutionalisation
  • experiences  difficulty with a range of daily living tasks
  • is from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse background, or identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Getting Help

If you would like to receive assistance from Neighbour Aid, or know somebody who might benefit from our services please contact us. One of our staff will make an appointment with you to discuss the different services that are available.  If Neighbour Aid is not able to assist you, our staff will inform you of other available services and arrange a referral if required.

Please contact us or make an online referral.

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