What is Volunteering?


Inner West Neighbour Aid relies on the generosity of our team of volunteers to deliver our wide range of services to the community. Our volunteers come from all walks and stages of life and as such provide us with a wide spectrum of skill sets. If you are from overseas, Volunteering Australia has provided a useful fact sheet on visas. We offer many exciting volunteer roles and experiences for you to choose from, with flexible commitment options, training opportunities and consistent support and supervision from our Volunteer and Projects Coordinator.


Inner West Neighbour Aid endorses Volunteering Australia’s principles of volunteering:

  • Volunteering benefits the community and the volunteer
  • Volunteer work is unpaid
  • Volunteering is always a matter of choice
  • Volunteering is a meaningful way in which citizens can participate in the activities in their community
  • Volunteering is not a substitute for paid work
  • Volunteers do not replace paid workers
  • Volunteering respects the rights, dignity and culture of others
  • Volunteering promotes human rights and equality
Due to the capacity in which our volunteers work in and the vulnerability of our clients, Inner West Neighbour Aid adheres to strict recruitment procedures; all potential volunteers are police checked, reference checked and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and code of conduct.


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