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Around The Home

“The team are incredible, they love gardening and helping people like us and it shows in their work. They are like family.”
Roger and Soraya, clients

The Garden Aid program helps people live safely in their own home for longer by doing some garden tasks they are no longer able to do.

A qualified staff member leads a team of experienced volunteers and ensures the client’s garden is tidied up, made safe, easy to care for and beautiful.

We provide up to 2 garden services per annum. Clients are encouraged to ring to book in their garden service. Gardens are booked and planned 2—3 months in advance. We try to plan around the number of volunteers available, the size and complexity of the garden, public holidays and the weather.

The service includes weeding, trimming, pruning, laying mulch and clean up. All weeded ornamental garden beds will have mulch applied to suppress weed growth. This service does not include lawn mowing or tree lopping

“The house felt empty before Zara. I am now on the go. The Neighbour Aid team are friendly and really listened to my needs.”
Alma, client (with Zara)
Pet Adoption

Friendship is important to us all. A dog or cat will bring unconditional love and companionship to your life. You can return the favour by giving a mature animal a second chance in a loving home.

We understand choosing the right pet is important. We will support you through this process. We work closely with our friends at the RSPCA to ensure you find the right pet based on your needs and preferences.

“I appreciate the support I received from Neighbour Aid to match me with dedicated people to walk Daisy. I have a lovely relationship with Susanne and look forward to her weekly visit.”
Margie, client
Dog Walking

Our role doesn’t end with the adoption process. We will match you with one of our passionate dog walkers who will take him/her for an extra walk each week. This service is available whether you adopted your furry friend through us or not.

Many of our clients and dog walkers bond over their mutual love of pets.

“I have difficulty getting to the shops. Online shopping support means there’s one less thing to worry about.”
Joyce, client
Assisted Online Shopping

If you find it hard to get out of your home to the supermarket and receive limited support from family and friends this fortnightly service may be for you.

Assisted online shopping is easy! We discuss your grocery order with you over the phone, place it online with our preferred supplier and have it delivered to your door.